Call: 01746 718617 or for nursery/wrap around 01746 718 769


Headteacher & Teacher
Mrs Katie Jones


Severn Class (Years 5 &6)
Mrs Caroline McKay (Assistant Head Teacher and Key Stage 2 Leader) Mrs Jackie Walker (Teaching Assistant)


Corve Class (Years 3 &4)
Miss Kate Robinson Ms Angela Griffiths (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Kim Carter (Teaching Assistant) Mrs Stephanie McNamara (Teaching Assistant)


Rea Class (Years 1 & 2)
Mrs Jane Jones (Key Stage 1 Leader) Mrs Tracey Wood (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Kate Smith (Teaching Assistant)  


Teme Class (Reception)
Mrs Natalie Rainbird-Hitchins  (Early Years Teacher) Mrs Karen Martin (Early Years Teacher)


Stottesdon Gateway Nursery
Mrs Natalie Rainbird-Hitchins (Early Years Teacher) Mrs Sara Clulee (Nursery Assistant)
Ms Becky Home (Nursery Assistant) Mrs Lydia Keen (Nursery Assistant)
Ms Hollie Tisdale (Nursery Assistant) Mrs Angharad George (Nursery Assistant


Music and Religious Education Specialist
Mrs Esther Leverett-Williams


History and French Teacher
Mr Christopher Simpson

Office Administrators  
Mrs Althea Meredith (Mon-Friday) Mrs Tracey Clinton (Nursery and Wrap around finance)


Cleaner in Charge  
Mrs Sharon Flint


EYFS Cleaner  
Mrs Clare Williams


Dining Assistants
Ms Ruth Adshead Mrs Kim Carter 
Ms  Stephanie McNamara Mrs Karen Martin