Call: 01746 718617 or for nursery/wrap around 01746 718 769

Our Aims

We have children at the heart of all we do.

Children leave our school as well rounded, confident and sociable individuals equipped with the skills to succeed. In order to achieve this our school aims to:

  • Provide a caring, happy, secure and supportive environment
  • Encourage a reflective attitude based on Christian values
  • Develop an understanding of the world and its diversity
  • Develop an excitement and interest for learning with each child achieving the highest standards
  • Develop individual self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. Our children will value and respect themselves and those around them
  • Encourage creativity of thought through a broad curriculum and wide range of experiences
  • Develop pupils’ social skills so they can participate positively in the community. As a school we promote and value good manners, politeness and respect for one another
  • Provide each individual with wide ranging opportunities and customised learning across the curriculum
  • Ensure inclusion and equality for all
  • Provide an open and interactive atmosphere where all (pupils, parents, carers, community members…) are encouraged to contribute
  • Enable children to make informed decisions about issues such as health and safety
  • Ensure each child has the skills to succeed

At Stottesdon School we:

  • value each individual
  • value each other for friendship, relationships and community
  • care for the environment
  • foster each aspect of everyone’s personality: intellectual, creative, emotional, physical and spiritual