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The First Days

We know that beginning nursery may be an exciting time but may also be quite challenging for you and your child. We strongly feel that for children to settle in well at nursery, the first days are very important. We encourage children and their parents/carers to visit us before embarking on their first session. During the first few days you are welcome to bring your child into nursery and stay until your child is settled if you wish. If, however, you feel that you can leave your child, please feel free to do so. It is very much an individual process, and we will try to accommodate a child and their parents/carers needs to the best of our ability.

We will introduce you and your child to their key person. This will be the person who will be the main point of contact for your child, other than the class teacher. They will get to know your child very well, spend time with them and observe them, working alongside the teacher to set next step targets and ensure that they are happy and progressing well. All our staff are there to share in your child’s learning journey and will contribute to their learning and development. We do know that some children may find it more difficult to separate from their parent or carer. We will do everything that we can to support them, and you, in this.


Much of what we do in nursery is play based. The children will be involved in messy, stimulating activities on a daily basis. There is a nursery uniform available consisting of a blue or white polo shirt, a blue sweatshirt one with our logo on is available from the school office. Other clothing, such as coats, may get dirty and so we ask you to be mindful of not sending your child in anything that you would not mind getting a little messy.

We encourage parents/carers to send their children in weather appropriate clothes, i.e. warm hats and coats during cold weather, raincoats when wet and sunhats and sun cream (nursery staff will apply sun cream if a consent form has been completed) during warm weather. We do also encourage parents/carers to include a spare set of clothes for their child if they are likely to require one.  We will be outside whatever the weather!

It is important that the children are comfortable and able to dress themselves as soon as they are able, in order to be able to develop independence in toileting and changing. All clothing and belongings that are sent into school must be named to ensure that they can be returned to the correct child.

Library Books

When your child starts nursery, they will receive their own book bag. Nursery children are encouraged to choose a book to take home to share with their family, renewing each time they attend if they wish to do so.

Nursery Daily Timetable

Time Activity

Nursery doors open

Registration and Early Morning Activities

9:15 Welcome Time: Hello song; Nursery Rhyme of the Week; Makaton Sign of the Week
9:15 - 10:00

Adult-led Focus Activity

Continuous Provision with Maths

linked learning opportunities.

10:00 Snack time and followed by outdoor learning

Phase One Phonics for Nursery 2

Singing Time for Nursery 1

11:45 Get ready for lunch in the school hall, washing hands
12:30 - 14:45


Talk for Writing Input

Adult-led Focus Activity

PSHE *Mondays PE session *Tuesdays/ Music *Thursdays


Concept Cat – Word Aware

Singing Time

Goodbye Song

15:00 Home time