Call: 01746 718617 or for nursery/wrap around 01746 718 769

School Uniform

The school uniform consists of:

  • Grey or black trousers/skirt/pinafore (not leggings or joggers and skirts should be at least knee length).
  • White/blue shirt.
  • Grey/navy/royal blue sweater/cardigan
  • Sensible black shoes (not trainers)

In Summer pupils may optionally wear:

  • black/grey shorts
  • blue gingham dress

Available for purchase from the school (through sQuid) are:

 - A royal blue sweater with the Stottesdon school motif

 - A royal blue jacket with the Stottesdon school motif

 - book bags/rucksacks with the Stottesdon school motif

Since everybody wears school uniform, please NAME all clothes. All forms of jewellery, including ear-rings can be dangerous.  For that reason, only watches and stud earrings are to be worn in school.  No make up is allowed.  Long hair should also be tied up daily, in a simple hairband to match school colours. Short hair cuts should not be less than a grade 2.

PE Kit

The children are required to change for P.E. and will need:

  • plain black or navy shorts,
  • a white tee-shirt,
  • trainers
  • a bag to keep them in. 

During the winter months we ask children to bring a pair of plain black/navy jogging bottoms and a plain black/navy sports jumper.  In the summer, for swimming, we request trunks or a single piece costume (no tankinis etc.)