Call: 01746 718617 or for nursery/wrap around 01746 718 769

We have been nominated by Shropshire Music Service to become a Music Mark school for the 2021/22 academic year. This is as a result of the value that we place on music and our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum.

It is great to have Mrs Leverett-Williams now teaching music across all year groups as well as to those who would like individual lessons.

Please see below the music lessons we are able to offer within the school.

Music providers and intruments available
Mrs Esther Leverett-Williams Private lessons for the violin, cello, keyboard/piano, flute, recorder and clarinet.
Mrs Esther Leverett-Williams Lunch-time choir lessons
Mrs Esther Leverett-Williams Whole class ocarena lessons at Key Stage 2

If you are interested in your child having music lessons then please contact the office.

Lessons are based on 10 lessons per term and cost depends on the size of the group.

If you would like financial support, the school seeks to support this. Please contact the office for further details.