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For trust-wide policies, please click below. Key additional Stottesdon C of E Primary policies are listed below. If you should require any other information, please contact the office.
Filename Size Date
Accessibility Plan 194.6KB 26/11/2020
Admissions Policy 2021-2022 218.5KB 09/08/2021
Admissions Policy 2022-2023 219.2KB 09/08/2021
Anti bullying Policy 289.5KB 09/08/2021
Assessment Policy 678.5KB 09/08/2021
Behaviour Policy 220.1KB 01/09/2021
Behaviour Poilcy Addendum 292.2KB 09/08/2021
Calculation Policy 1.7MB 09/08/2021
Catchment Map for Stottesdon School 718.2KB 09/08/2021
Child Protection Policy Addendum 2021 170.2KB 09/08/2021
Collective Worship 184.1KB 09/08/2021
Curriculum Statement 225.1KB 09/08/2021
Cyberbullying Advice Sheet 466.5KB 09/08/2021
E Safety Policy 583.1KB 09/08/2021
Early Years Policy 224.7KB 09/08/2021
Educational Visits 460.6KB 09/08/2021
Equality and Diversity Policy 514.3KB 09/08/2021
Equality Scheme 272.1KB 09/08/2021
Food and drink Policy 216.3KB 09/08/2021
Freedom of information Model 286.5KB 09/08/2021
Handwriting Policy 214.3KB 09/08/2021
Home school agreement 535.3KB 09/08/2021
Looked After Children Policy 130.2KB 09/08/2021
Marking and Feedback Policy 301.9KB 09/08/2021
Maths Policy 343.3KB 09/08/2021
More-able Pupil Policy 536.2KB 09/08/2021
Our school is a safer school 495.6KB 09/08/2021
Privacy Notice 309.7KB 09/08/2021
PSHE Policy 823.5KB 09/08/2021
Reading matching chart 357.5KB 09/08/2021
Re-assessement 102.9KB 09/08/2021
Religious and Sex Education Policy 585.4KB 09/08/2021
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 138.5KB 09/08/2021
Religious Education Policy 316.4KB 09/08/2021
Safeguarding Policy 672.0KB 01/09/2021
Safer Schools Policy 370.9KB 09/08/2021
SEN Policy 187.2KB 09/08/2021
Policies banner 1.0MB 09/08/2021