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Stottesdon Gateway Nursery

Stottesdon Gateway Nursery has recently become part of the Stottesdon Gateway Trust. Previously known as Chorley Family Playgroup, our nursery is situated on-site and provides childcare before and after school for 2-11 year olds and nursery placements for pre-school children.


The aim of Stottesdon Gateway Nursery is to enhance the development and education of children, primarily under statutory school age, in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.


  • To encourage children to be confident, independent and develop self-esteem.
  • To offer age and developmentally appropriate play facilities and resources.
  • To help children learn about what is right and wrong
  • To build positive relationships with children and parents/carers.
  • To value what children say, and have high expectations of what they can achieve.
  • To observe children and plan the next steps for their learning and development, and to help them progress at their individual levels.
  • To give children opportunities to be active as well as relax.
  • To work within the Early Years Foundation Stage, as set out by the Department of Education.
  • To offer equal opportunities to all children regardless of their race, culture, religion or special needs.